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​Champagne! From craftsmanship to glamour

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 01, 2017 10:51 CET

Consumption of champagne has peaked, never before have so many enjoyed so much bubbly. The trend is global but, Sweden, oddly enough, is one of the countries where consumption has increased the fastest. For the past few years, the small Nordic country has held the 10th spot of largest champagne markets in the world. And that’s the hook for Stockholm’s Spritmuseum, as it mounts a new exhibition on champagne.

The exhibit highlights the craftsmanship: with details on soil types, fermentation, bubbles and much more about the production of champagne. The exhibit also includes a critical look at trends, pop-culture, champagne’s place in the hip hop world, and Marie Antoinette’s legendary (and relevant) breasts, as well as our own generations’ growing focus on flavor and champagne as a real wine, not just a bubbly aperitif.

“We also look at the history of the drink in Sweden,” says curator Eva Lenneman. “The exhibition is packed with amusing anecdotes, from the story of vodka king L.O. Smith’s Champagne War and Swedish artist Zarah Leander’s song about ‘seductive bubbles in a private room’ to various attempts at alternatives for teetotalers, such as Pommac and Champis.”

Since the 1980’s, interest in the beverage has grown exponentially. Then, and now, Champagne symbolizes so much more than just the contents of the bottle. Few drinks are so mythically charged and so tightly linked to our ideas about luxury and style as Champagne.

In the 80’s, Jacob Dahlin brought champagne into Swedish living rooms with an iconic toast of “Cheers, goddamnit!” on his talk showJacob’s Ladder. According to exhibition producer Anna-Karin Svanberg, Dahlin toasting with world stars such as Cher and Donna Summers, deserves a place in the show alongside the Stockholm club kids’ alleged “sinking” trend. “The exhibit is also about what makes a sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France so unique,” she says, “and how the craft of making sparkling wine has bubbled up to top the trends in the wine world.”

Tasting are held Thursdays through Sundays, many on the theme of champagne. Champagne and other bubbly creations are served in the museum’s bar and restaurant. Special events featuring Champagne producers are planned for January and March 2018, as well as a special Valentine’s Day program. For the full program, visit www.spritmuseum.se.

The design studio behind the show’s lavish pink details and earthy tones is Stockholm-based Form Us With Love. They also designed Spritmuseum’s popular beer exhibition in 2015.

50 and Fabulous!
Spritmuseum commemorates their 50th anniversary this year, and what could be a more appropriate celebration than an exhibition on champagne?

Spritmuseum, a Swedish museum dedicated to the rich history of the country’s relationship with alcohol, offers visitors an unforgettable journey. From seduction to suffering, from park bench to cocktail party. It is rare that so many valuable insights can come from an afternoon spent on the subject of alcohol. The Spritmuseum restaurant lead by Petter Nilsson is an experience beyond belief and has been named one of the best museum restaurants in the world.

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