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​A hungover mouse at Spritmuseum

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 25, 2018 16:09 CEST

Absolut Cattelan, 1998 in "Absolut Art Collection - The Wilder Side"

The animals have settled in at Spritmuseum for this summer’s art exhibition “Absolut Art Collection – The Wilder Side.” On site are fluffy dogs, mythical marvels and metamorphoses between animal and human. Crawling, soaring, buzzing, purring and howling. The motives range from the polar regions to the tropics, following migratory birds, mother spiders and dancing starfish. All accompanied by Swedish vodka.

Artists from all over the world have interpreted the iconic Absolut bottle. They were given free hands with few restrictions, and surprisingly many looked to the animal kingdom – from worms in the earth to heavenly creatures. An exciting selection is now on display, such as Maurizio Cattelan’s hungover mouse, Louise Bourgeois’ spider, and Ed Ruchas’ howling wolf.

- We found animal motives in more pieces than we anticipated, and it is really exciting to now dig deeper into this prominent theme. We have chosen around 30 pieces to show, says Mia Sundberg, curator for the Absolut Art Collection.

The design of the room is as far away imaginable from the stereotypical white cube. The art is hung on colorful walls and in a charming wooden shack, surrounded by odd animal cries as if in the swamps of Louisiana. Christian Sandell from Hangmen Studios is behind the design and construction of the exhibition together with Mia Sundberg and co-curator Kirsten Hinder from Nordic Stories.

The works in the Absolut Art Collection have formed the basis for global advertising campaigns. When the Swedish government sold its beverage company Vin & Sprit AB, including the Absolut Vodka brand, to French Pernod Ricard, it was established that the art collection was part of Sweden’s cultural inheritance and should not be included in the sale. Instead, it received a new home at Spritmuseum in 2008.

The exhibition is on display from April 21st to September 9th 2018.

For more information and press images, please contact:
Matilda Ivarsson, Head of communication

For more information about Absolut Art Collection, please contact:
Mia Sundberg, curator for Absolut Art Collection

Spritmuseum, the Swedish museum of spirits, is located between a wreck and amusement park, offering visitors an unforgettable journey. From lust to suffering, park bench to cocktail party. It is not every day that an afternoon spent on the subject of alcohol offers so many valuable insights. 

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